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Validate Bank Account Numbers In Nigeria

You can lookup any bank account details in Nigeria


Yearly life access

- Yearly Access. Unlimited Account Lookups

- Enter account number and get the name and bank

- Enter account number and bank code to get the account name


Replace API-KEY with the API you will purchase to get account name of any bank account


There is no limit and expiration when using the API Key. You can use it for unlimited number of websites

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Total Banks / Payment Services: 517

Bank Account No. Only:

Thousands Of Websites / App Use Our API

You can lookup any account name and bank name using our API


Its very legal & safe


Our API is higly secure and our system do not store any bank record


Anybody or websites can use our API. We do not restrict access. Some of our clients falls into any of the categories below

01. Loan Websites / App




02. Investment Websites / App




03. Trading / Crypto Websites / App




04. Ecommerce Websites / App




05. Betting / Casino Websites / App




API Features

Unlimited Account Lookups

You can verify unlimited number of bank accounts without restriction

Account Verification

Verify any bank account in Nigeria with ease

Bank Name Verification

Get all the banks connected to an account number including the names

Website / App Integration

Let your websites users trust you like a bank as you verify their account number

Account Number Validation

Ensure account numbers are valid and not fake before accepting them or making transfer

Avoid Wrong Money Transfer

Get the name of the recipient before transferring money to them


Yearly life access

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